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I am a .NET Developer by day and a 3D Artist by night!

More colloquially, I am educated in both digital art and programming. May of 2016, I graduated from Michigan State University and obtained my Bachelor of Arts in Media and Information. Since that time, I've been intent on finding meaningful paths of learning that transverse across the world of computing.

While completing my Bachelor's degree I was also simultaneously working towards a minor in 'Game Design and Development'. Comprising many disciplines and perspectives, the video games program at MSU was a fast-paced, collaborative experience which served as a catalyst to the world of software, tech, and the culture of these landscapes. It was here at Michigan State that I was introduced to the compound ideology of technical art and engineering practices.

A year after graduating, I went on to further my skills in Detroit with an institution called Grand Circus. The Grand Circus program is a pedagogic organization with a mission of providing the technical groundwork to help secure work in Metro-Detroit. During my stay in Detroit, I was partitioned as a .NET / C# student and instructed in the language of back-end development.

To this day, I am continuing to learn and focus on my efforts as a games hobbyist, tech enthusiast, and an intrepid technologist. I've spent an uneven amount of time working, learning, researching, and networking - I could be be using that time to serve the needs of your company. If you would like to initiate a conversation about any sort of opportunity, plan, or project - please, I urge you to contact me!

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