ASP.NET Core, we know it, we love it.

As far as I know, ASP.NET spans back to version 1.0 of the .NET framework. The code has stood the test of time and nowadays we can use it in a variety of servers, scenarios, and environments with .NET core. The system itself is a scaffold that provides the structure for web communications and integrative paradigms.

ADO.NET (Entity)

ASP Authentication (Identity)

Circa, Grand Circus era, the capstone project for our 8-week course was a (.NET framework) MVC application coupled with a REST API that was to be displayed and deployed to Azure. Our access to the API - BigOven - was not free so we had to stop hosting the web application on Azure. We have not got it back up and running since and the code, unfortunately, is gone from Github / hard drives. Feel free to ask Peter Guenther or Kamel Rushaidat about our culinary code.

Due to these financial obstacles, an uncomfortable grasp of "middleware", and the inevitable changes for .NET Core I felt logically dissuaded and emotionally disheartened. I kept the ideas close by and an ASP.NET (Core) book on my desk; I would not make ASP.NET applications for some time. At the time, pre-built web components - not just paradigmatic manifestation - and minimally generated architecture (static web) felt much more compelling.