Applicability at Scale

At the time of this writing, I had been hosting a portfolio on SquareSpace (and also Wordpress and then Adobe Portfolio). I began to look into other options; I knew I wanted something that would essentially amount to drag-n-drop functionality.

Stage left, OrchardCMS, which ultimately led me to another problem, building personal web infrastructure in any manner still costs 🤑 to host it somewhere.

I'd have to either host a formal web stack at home (which, I hardly knew how to do locally on Windows, what with the hosts file, adjusting of DNS records, IIS, SSL/TLS certification and all of that jazz) being served from my laptop which did not sound...sound)

This website ended up using a completely different static web builder from a Ruby framework called Jekyll. Bare html and unobtrusive Javascript (there is hardly any JS) which was fine for what I currently needed. I don't have a desire to learn Javascript frameworks just yet...for too many reasons to list. I just hope that client side Blazor takes over. My plan is to use Wyam as the generator for the website for a digital organization that I founded for recent graduates of the Grand Circus .NET program .